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Xitanium LED Downlight and Spotlight drivers

Ürün Hakkında


Perfect match with application needs

Xitanium Point LED driver range includes programmable ( Touch & DALI ), adjustable and single current drivers. Power ratings of the range varies from 10W to 75W and comes with various housing designs : Linear housed form factors ( LH ), conventional HID indoor driver housings (/s), the new downlight oriented housing with loop-through feature ( WH ) and mini housing for track and recessed spotlight applications (/m). Depending on the family, drivers feature following specifications: Operating window, single current, SELV, improved ripple current, temperature derating, hot wiring, 12 V output for active cooling, loop through and central DC operation. The addition of SimpleSet technology in certain drivers will now also enable wireless configuration in manufacturing environments.Xitanium Point LED drivers also offer simplicity and flexibility with the accessories designed for certain driver families. The built in Mini drivers can be easily converted to independent drivers with the strain relief blocks and become suitable for recessed luminaires.

Key benefits

  • Programmable, adjustable fixed output and single current LED drivers
  • Wireless Configuration ( SimpleSet )
  • Power ratings and related operating windows from 10W to 75W

Various housing designs:

  • Linear housed form factor ( LH )
  • Conventional HID indoor driver housings (/s) spotlighting
  • WH housing for independent use with strain relief and loop through
  • Mini housing for track luminaires and strain relief blocks as accessory for recessed luminaires
  • SELV
  • Improved ripple current ratio
  • Temperature derating
  • Hot wiring
  • 12 V output for active cooling or decorative effects
  • Central DC operation