MAS LEDtube HF 600mm HE 8W 830 T5 - AYDIN ELEKTRİK
Aydın Elektrik 1954. Philips & Oem Partner, Lighbox. İstanbul / Beyoğlu
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MAS LEDtube HF 600mm HE 8W 830 T5

Ürün Hakkında

                                                            ÜRÜN ÖZELLİKLERİ



Retrofit replacement of existing T5 lamps on HF ballast installations.HF compatibility: no wires to replace, no hassle changing drivers; our InstantFit solution works with High Frequency electronic ballasts, making it easy and safe for all installation methods.Electronic Pin safety: with Philips products you can safely touch the other end-cap when installing the tube. The integrated driver is also safely isolated from touchable parts. Philips LED tubes adhere to all UL and IEC pin safety requirements.



Reduced operational cost thanks to lower energy consumption.Lower maintenance cost thanks to 2-3 times longer lifetime than normal fluorescent tubes.Fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing luminaire to LED technology, with a 100%- safe installation process.