Fortimo Led Slm Gen6 - AYDIN ELEKTRİK
Aydın Elektrik 1954. Philips & Oem Partner, Lighbox. İstanbul / Beyoğlu
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Fortimo Led Slm Gen6

Ürün Hakkında

Exceptional combination of light quality and efficacy


For retail applications, creating a unique and dramatic ambience can entice people to come into a store. It also encourages them to stay for longer. And the more time they spend in store, the more  they’re likely to spend at the checkout. Our Fortimo LED lighting  solutions are designed to light up desire. From Fortimo LED SLM PremiumWhite that combines excellent light quality with unrivaled efficiency to Fortimo LED SLM CrispWhite that creates the ultimate store experience. All CCT’s and CoB sizes are available to cover a wide range of spot and downlight applications.

Key benefits

  • Best quality of light available for all applications
  • Extensive range of CCT’s
  • Small LES sizes for narrow beam angles and small reflector designs
  • Big LES sizes for high performance applications
  • Flexibility to select a different lumen output between 800 and 10000 lm
  • Flexibility to optimize luminaire performance (lm/W or high lm output)
  • State of the art Chip-on-Board (CoB) technology, enabling highest system efficacy
  • System proposition (CoB + Holder + driver)
  • Five years system warranty with over 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Three dedicated product lines:

• SLM Gen6 PremiumWhite

• SLM Gen6 CrispWhite

• SLM Gen6 Food