Fortimo Led Slm EaseSelect - AYDIN ELEKTRİK
Aydın Elektrik 1954. Philips & Oem Partner, Lighbox. İstanbul / Beyoğlu
lightbox, elektrik, aydınlatma, led, philips, oem, elektronik
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Fortimo Led Slm EaseSelect

Ürün Hakkında

Leading the miniaturization trend

The Fortimo LED SLM EaseSelect enables new designs of high quality and compact track luminaires without compromising on the quality of light.This new member of the high-end Fortimo family integrates the driver and chip-on-board (CoB) LEDs into the heatsink, increasing your freedom to design track spot luminaires that don’t need a separate driver box. You benefit from miniaturization with exceptional performance and quality.

Key benefits

• Easy design-in with a single form factor for your complete portfolio

• Outstanding performance from optimized CoB/driver combinations

• An integrated solution with flicker-free performance

• Excellent quality of light with Philips PremiumWhite

• Efficacy up to 117 lm/W

• Long lifetime of 50,000 hours and five-year warranty

• Enables new compact luminaire designs with compromising on quality